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1. High-rigidity and high-precision machine tool
2. X axis and Y axis are directly driven by linear motor (Bosch Rexroth, Germany)
3. Excellent 5-axis machining ability (Kessler universal milling head in Germany)
4. Heidenhain 640 CNC system
5. Independent temperature control system for spindle and linear motor


  • Parameter
  • Diagram
  • Floor Plan

TravelX axismm2200 
Y axismm3000
Z axismm1000
Special nose to worktable topmm250 to 1250 
Distance between two columnsmm3900 
WorktableWorktable size mm3000x2200 
T-slot of worktable mm22x15x200
Max. loading capacity ton/m28
Spindle Spindle bore taper-HSK-A63
Max. spindle speedrpm24000
Spindle power  kW37/46 
Spindle torqueN.m 60/73
Biaxial HeadRotation angle °A=±105; C=±360 
Rotation speedrpm A=100; C=100 
Swivel torque N.m A=764; C=810 
Clamping forceN.mA=2160; C=3024 
Angular positioning accuracy secondA=±5; C=±3 
Min. indexing unit °0.001
  Driving system -DD motor
SpeedRapid traverse rate m/min48 
Tool magazinePocket quantity pcs32 
Max. tool lengthmm300 
Max. tool diameter (Adjacent pocket full)mm75
Max. tool diameter (Adjacent pocket empty)mm120
Max. tool weightkg
Size & WeightTotal power requirement kW 110 
Floor space required (Length x Width x Height)mm7800x7600x5600
Machine weight ton 38
CNC system --Heidenhain TNC640 HSCI

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!


  • Standard Accessories
  • Optional Accessories

 HEIDENHAIN TNC640 CNC system X、Y、Z、A、C 5-axis simultaneous
 HEIDENHAIN HR550FS wireless handwheel
 Universal milling head with equipped with HSK-A63
 Full guard (without top cover)
 X/Y axis linear motor drive and chiller
 4 sets of HEIDENHAIN linear scale (2 sets for X axis, 1 for Z axis and 1 for Y axis)
 3-axis high rigidity roller guide
 Germany braking system
 Spindle temperature control chiller
 Spindle oil mist lubrication system
 Nitrogen counterbalance system
 Air cooler for electric cabinet
 Hinged steel belt elevating chip conveyor
 Waterproof indicator system
 Paper tape filter system
 Flood coolant

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

 LASER cutting tool measurement unit
 Workpiece measurement device
 Automatic tool changer 
 Through spindle coolant
 Collision protection and vibration monitoring system

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

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